May 26, 2015 SCLC Meeting Cancelled

Dear Residents, Concerned Citizens of Cumberland, Monastery Preservation Alliance Members, and All People Across the State and the USA (yes, from Lil Rhody to the Redwood Forest!) Who Have Shown Concern for the Monastery Land:

Please be advised that we have just, this morning, learned of the news that our town planners have decided that there is no need for a Safety Complex Location Committee Meeting tonight. The only previous mention of this hasty cancellation can be found in yesterday’s (5/25/15) online Valley Breeze update:

“CUMBERLAND – The Public Safety Complex Site Location Committee, which has been holding regular meetings since March, has canceled this week’s May 26 meeting for lack of new agenda items, secretary John O’Neill announced.”

We would like to remind the SCLC that there are still items tabled that need to be discussed, as well as many other summarily dismissed (without due diligence) location suggestions that we must revisit, such as the old Drop Zone location on Mendon Road, which was introduced by Councilman Art Lambi.

Let it be known, people of Cumberland, that there are also many more abandoned properties and empty lots around the town of Cumberland that are perfect sites for repurposing as a safety building.”  Please look around town, look at what Cumberland owns, how it’s maintained our property, and what better purpose such property might serve. (We’ll soon get a full list of these properties to you.) We do not need to use Conservation land for a safety building! 

We would also like to remind the town of Cumberland that they have not yet given SCLC member and attorney, Kim McCarthy, the courtesy of presenting a legal opinion regarding the 2004 Easement covering the Monastery Land in response to the opinion presented by our Town Solicitor, Tom Hefner. Members of the public and of the Committee have indicated that they want to hear McCarthy’s presentation so they could make a more informed judgment on the legal issues surrounding the Monastery. Tonight would have been an opportune time for McCarthy to offer that alternative legal perspective.

In the absence of tonight’s abruptly cancelled meeting we urge you to write to the town of Cumberland, your state representatives, senators, the Attorney General, and all interested parties with your concerns. Please let your representatives know that we have feasible options that the town of Cumberland refuses to entertain, and that we do not need to level conservation land in order to build a police department and rescue facility. The Monastery is protected in perpetuity, so let’s shift the paradigm! No more 10+ acre requirement. No more absolute center of town requirement. There’s simply no need.

Keep the conservation and the conversation going!

Thank you for your continued support.

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