Letters! (What You Can Do To Help)

(Letter template included at end of this post.)

So many of you have asked what it is you can do to help with the effort to secure the Monastery’s present and future distinction as conservation land. We have reached a critical time (by end of next week) in which the Safety Complex Location Committee must determine which sites it will recommend to the mayor. It is likely, given the outcome of the last meeting (6 to 4 vote to keep the Monastery on the list as a feasible site for development), that the Committee will recommend the Monastery land to Mayor Murray. And even if the Committee makes the more conscientious decision to not present the site to Murray, he may still pursue legal action to amend or revoke the Easement that protects the Monastery land.

Should Murray decide to take this matter to court, our Town Council will have to vote on such action. So now, more than ever, is the time for your voice to be heard. And this is how you can make that happen and help the cause:

Please send a letter (via email or snail mail — letter and mailing information provided below)  to your Town Council representative, and At Large Councilmen, urging them to vote against any legal action designed to modify or revoke the Easement, which, ultimately, is a vote against developing any portion of the conserved Monastery land.

For your convenience, we are providing you with a letter template. Please feel free to either print out the PDF version (ready for snail mail), or copy and paste the text version in an email to your representative. And be sure to sign your full name and provide your address.

Also, feel free to tweak the letter so that it reflects your own personal concerns and sentiment, but try to keep the entire letter to no more than one (1) page.

A list of Town Council contact information (district, at large, info and email/snail mail address) is attached to the letter.

For email, see the copy and paste text version HERE.

For snail mail, see the printable PDF version HERE.